Question- What is Chemocare Balm?

Answer- Chemocare balm is an all-natural balm made with organic sunflower oil, grape seed oil and olive extracts, with bees wax and balsam fir added to deeply moisturize, and hydrate the skin, the hands, and the feet during chemotherapy.

Question- Do you test on animals?

Answer- No, we do not test on animals. Our products have been reviewed and tested on people only.

Question- What does Chemocare Balm do?

Answer- Chemocare balm helps soothe dryness, itching, peeling, and cracking conditions as well as dermatitis (rashes) that occurs during chemotherapy treatment.

Question- Is it safe to use everyday?

Answer- Yes, it is safe to use every day. Applying it regularly will help to keep hands and feet moisturized, and keep the skin stay hydrated.

Question- Are there any guarantees with the product?

Answer- Yes, we guarantee you will find relief from your dry, and cracking skin. If you are not totally satisfied you can return the product to the store you purchased it from, or return it to us.

Question- Is Chemocare Balm a drug?

Answer- No, Chemocare Balm is not a drug. Chemocare Balm is a natural topical moisturizing treatment. We advise consulting your pharmacist if you have any concerns.