Chemocare Balm is available at Yurek Pharmacy

Pharmacist Steve Bond is a firm believer in the product. Steve is the first Pharmacist to carry Chemocare balm .

Steve Bond is the Pharmacy Manager at Yurek St. Thomas, a pharmacy that carries the barrier balm.


“We can barely keep it on the shelves,” he says. 

Lauzon contacted Bond almost a year ago to ask if he’d stock Chemocare balm in his Pharmacy. After learning about its benefits and testing it with his staff, Steve agreed to sell the product. 

“The feedback’s been great. We have several cancer patients who use it regularly and they love how moisturizing the formula is and that they don’t need to use too much at a time, a little goes a long way.”

The staff at the local pharmacy also enjoy using Chemobalm on their hands. “Working in a pharmacy we have to wash our hands a lot and we’ve tried different creams but nothing’s worked quite as well as Chemocare has,” Bond says. 


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