Chemocare Balm

Relief is in the Balm

Chemocare Balm is an all natural, hydrating salve . It is created to help relieve severe dryness, cracking, and peeling skin experienced during treatment. Chemocare Balm helps restore lost moisture, and maintain the skin's protective barrier. It was created for sensitive skin without the use of chemicals. 

The Chemocare Balm Story


Chemocare balm is found at drugstores, and health food stores in Canada. 

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Carole Poirier, who is a pharmacy assistant at Turner Drug Store in Wortley Village, said the product flew off the shelves as soon as it came into the store.

"It's because of the natural product," she said. "You can actually read all the ingredients,"

Poirier said natural products make up about 70 per cent of what the pharmacy offers.

"The natural products are not going away they're becoming more intensified."

Carole Poirer- Turners Drug Store

Darren Dasovich, a staff pharmacist at Health Centre Pharmacy in St. Thomas shares his comments on Chemocare balm.

"People are looking for skin care products that are safe and not processed, and less chemicals. There are so many chemicals in the environment and people want to just keep things simple."

Darren Dasovitch

I heard about this product on CBC radio . I was looking for a product without petroleum, and chemicals . I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart , and it worked miracles the very first day! I carry the small jar in my purse.~ 

Carol W Oakville, Ont

My pharmacist recommended Chemocare balm. I tried so many other products, and nothing worked as well as this product.  I like the fact that it has no petroleum, and is natural. It stopped my hands, and feet from cracking, and peeling, and smells so good~

Kelly S London, Ont

I was given Chemocare balm as a gift. Chemocare calmed the redness, and relieved the dry cracking skin. The balm really helps keep my hands, and feet soft.~  

Andre B Montreal Quebec